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Frequently Asked Questions About CliC Eyewear

How do they work?
All CliC Eyewear is manufactured with the patented neodymium magnet that connects the glasses at the bridge of the nose.

How strong is the magnet?
The patented neodymium magnets were tested to stay connected in speeds of up to 130 mph.

Are they durable?
The neckband is very durable. It will stretch and bend without breaking.

How good are the lenses?
The lenses are produced of high quality optics. Because they hang comfortably around your neck, they are resistant to scratching and breaking. When you do set them down they lay on the band and not on the lenses.

Can I have my prescription put in the frames?
Yes, all CliC Readers may be fitted with your own prescription. Take them to your eye care professional, or, you may contact us for further assistance.

Do they come in different sizes?
Yes, we have different sizes designed for your needs. There are CliC Longs designed for men with larger heads and CliC Diamonds (short) designed for women with long heavy hair.

We ship orders with Domestik Ekspress and REX. We also offer other services (such as overnight shipping) with additional fees. Contact us at the number below and we can discuss shipping options suited for your needs. All products are ONLY shipped to an Indonesian address.

If you need to return the product always give us a call or email prior so we know the product is coming. Always include a note stating your name and why the product is being returned. Before you return any product please contact us at the number below and we will first see if we can exchange or replace the product to your satisfaction. Please call the phone below.



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